June 25, 2024

Free Tacos on Taco Tuesday for the Next Four Weeks – Shiv Telegram Media

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Free Tacos on Taco Tuesday for the Next Four Weeks – Shiv Telegram Media

Taco Bell Celebrates Taco John’s Trademark Release with Free Tacos

In a delightful gesture to celebrate the recent release of Taco John’s trademark ownership of “Taco Tuesday,” Taco Bell has announced free tacos for its customers. The famous fast-food chain will be giving away its popular seasoned beef Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos every Tuesday from August 15 to September 5.

Taco Bell’s decision comes after a months-long battle, during which Taco John’s held the trademark rights for “Taco Tuesday” in 49 states for over four decades. However, Taco Bell, known for its Mexican-inspired cuisine, launched a petition back in April urging Taco John’s to relinquish its ownership of the catchy phrase. In May, the company escalated matters by appealing to cancel Taco John’s trademark registration.

Fortunately, the two taco titans reached an agreement last month, with Taco John’s agreeing to abandon its trademark and Taco Bell committing to donate $1 million. This resolution enables local restaurants and small vendors to enjoy Taco Tuesdays without any fear of legal action.

Not only that, but Taco Bell has gone above and beyond to express its gratitude to supporters by teaming up with DoorDash. On September 12, the two partners will be pouring $5 million into orders from participating vendors selling Mexican food. This generous initiative not only benefits loyal Taco Bell fans but also aims to support local businesses struggling during these challenging times.

This exciting promotion showcases Taco Bell’s dedication to its customers and the wider community. By offering free tacos and initiating a substantial financial contribution, the fast-food giant aims to spread joy and foster a sense of togetherness, all while embracing the beloved tradition of Taco Tuesday.

To avail themselves of the free tacos and support local vendors, customers can visit their nearest Taco Bell or make use of the DoorDash partnership. The free offer is available for a limited time, so taco enthusiasts are encouraged to act swiftly and savor the flavors while they last.

Taco Bell’s gesture represents a small victory for the vibrant world of Mexican cuisine, as it encourages the thriving tradition of Taco Tuesday without the constraints of trademark disputes. So mark your calendars, gather your friends and family, and indulge in the deliciousness that is Taco Bell’s free tacos this summer.

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