February 28, 2024

French PM warns variable Ômicron is spreading ‘lightning fast’

Paris – micron variable The coronavirus is expected to take over France in early January, said the country’s Prime Minister Jean Castix. At a news conference on Friday, he said the new strain is spreading “at lightning speed.”

The politician pointed out that “the fifth wave is here and it is in full force.”

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As the year-end celebrations approach, state authorities are alerting the importance of vaccination and even stricter trading rules, such as Restrictions for travelers from the UK15,000 micron cases were confirmed on Friday only.

From Saturday, business travelers or tourists will not be able to cross the border between the UK and France. For those with justification deemed necessary, a negative Covid-19 test in less than 24 hours will be required, as well as a 48-hour isolation.

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The French government banned concerts and fireworks on New Year’s Eve, urging residents to avoid crowds and hold Christmas meetings with a limited number of family members.

The vaccination campaign has also been accelerated, with an attempt to give as many booster doses as possible before the parties. The interval between the second and third dose was also reduced to four months.

On Friday, government spokesman Gabriel Attal said that France had detected 240 cases of Micron’ disease in the country, but warned that the number was likely higher. France has been running record numbers of cases in recent weeks. Since the end of November, there are about 50,000 a day – with a peak above 64,000, as happened on Wednesday.