March 31, 2023

From Earth, the photographer records astronauts walking in space; look at the picture

Photo: Sebastian Voltmer / clone

Last week, astrophotographer Sebastian Voltmer captured two astronauts International Space Station (ISS) space walk.

Astronauts Raja Chari, of NASA, and Matthias Maurer, of the European Space Agency (ESA), were photographed performing maintenance activities outside the International Space Station, last Wednesday (23). It was seven hours of maintenance, which is enough for the records.

Here on Earth, astrophotographer Voltmer pointed his lens at it and soon was able to capture all the movement. Apparently, this is the first image of Earth taken that records two people walking through space at the same time.

For the record, the independent photographer relied on sophisticated equipment: an 11-inch Celestron EdgeHD personal telescope mounted on a GM2000 HPS tripod and an ASI290 planetary camera.

On his Twitter, the photographer celebrated the record and commented that he saw the activity shortly after sunset. In the first image, European astronaut Maurer is shown “climbing” the International Space Station, while a robotic arm (Canadarm2) assists with maintenance activity.

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The astrophotographer took the photo from his backyard in the German town of Sankt Wendel – which, coincidentally, is also the birthplace of astronaut Matthias Maurer. After detailing the whereabouts of his compatriot, Voltmer published another photo showing astronaut Raja Chari.