June 14, 2024

Frustration grows in Shanghai over COVID-19 confinement – Ibuka Negosios

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Frustration grows in Shanghai over COVID-19 confinement - Ibuka Negosios
Shanghai, China (Photo: unplash)

Shanghai remains in strict lockdown (Photo: unplash)

Reinforcing their resolve after three weeks of strict lockdown, authorities warned 25 million exhausted Shanghai residents on Friday that their disinfectant would last until the virus outbreak. COVID-19 Neighborhood is excised.

A user commented on China’s Weibo, similar to Twitter, after a report by Xinhua news agency regarding the latest measures were announced in Shanghai Thursday night.

Another user asked, “How long will this last?”

Providing a glimmer of light, the city government said on its official WeChat account that infections were showing a “positive trend” and that life could return to normal soon as long as people followed strict rules to contain the spread of the virus.

However, some areas of Shanghai have tightened movement restrictions, and even in neighborhoods that have met the criteria for people to leave their homes, authorities have ordered their confinement, angering families who have suffered weeks of isolation.

“Our goal is to reach zero Covid as quickly as possible,” the government said, referring to the goal of eliminating transmission of the virus outside quarantine areas.

When infections began to rise in early April, nearly everyone in Shanghai had to stay home. As a result, the population lost income, was subjected to family separation, and found it difficult to meet basic needs.

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