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Fucruz study shows reduction in vaccine efficacy in every age group – 09/16/2021 – Mônica Bergamo

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Fucruz study shows reduction in vaccine efficacy in every age group - 09/16/2021 - Mônica Bergamo

A new study by scientists in Fucruz Shows the effect of age on the effectiveness of the main Vaccines used in Brazil. It reveals the levels of protection offered by each of them, especially to the population over the age of 80.

not high

According to the work, protection is very high among the youngest – in case Coronavac, 81.5% for mortality after the second dose among those aged 20 to 39 years. In AstraZeneca 97.9%.

first dose

The study looked at the effectiveness of Pfizer after only the first dose, as it was conducted between January and July – and the second dose of this vaccine has not yet been widely applied. However, the initial injection alone achieved an efficacy of 86.1% in death prevention Among those between the ages of 20 and 39 years.

at the same

The high level of protection from vaccines against mortality is still in the range of 40 to 59 years. Things change as you get older.


Among those between the ages of 60 and 79, Coronavac event It was 71.2% after the second dose. AstraZeneca 89.5%.

Rule 2

More than 80 years of coronavac activity It fell to 45%, and AstraZeneca to 84.6%.

all care

“The study shows that the vaccines are very effective in various age groups, but it is significantly lower for those over 80, especially in the case of Coronavac, which raises concern about the care we should give this age group,” says Daniel Villalla, of Vuecruz.


NS Putantan Institute He claims to have also presented the study to scientists at the Chinese company Sinovac, which developed the vaccine. They considered that the description of the work methodology is limited, which does not allow us to know the statistical criteria that it adopts.

garlic and valley

The foundation also claims that it is not correct to compare vaccines. And that the period of their application makes a big difference when analyzing the response to the immunization agent.


In the case of Coronavac, the interval between the first and second doses is a month, and the elderly complete the immunization for a longer period than those who received AstraZeneca VaccineThe interval between doses is three months.

Interval 2

That would make a big difference as studies have shown that over time, the body’s response to the vaccine may decrease, especially among the elderly.

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