May 31, 2023
Gabigol vs. Luisao: who will win the duel between the top scorers for Flamengo?  |  flamingo

Gabigol vs. Luisao: who will win the duel between the top scorers for Flamengo? | flamingo

Speak from here and talk from there, and what do the numbers say? Gabigol’s closeness to becoming the greatest Brazilian goalscorer in the history of the Libertadores has begun an unexpected generational clash. The current holder of this position, Luisao compared himself to a striker flamingowho replied sarcastically. But after all, who is most correct in this review for so many goals?

GE asked for help from Statistical spyAnd he went to the numbers and compared the top scorer in the shirt 9 flamingoat the age of 25, with signs Luizão, who retired in 2009, at 34. The stubborn streak is tilted in favor of the red-and-black idol.

Happy to break another record, I hope to pass Luizão. You have to talk about me again (laughs). I hope we can continue like this, score goals and win.

At the age of 25, Gabigol scored 26 goals in the Libertadores – Photo: Gilvan de Sousa / Flamengo

It all started when Luisao, who faced an impending loss to the Libertadores top scorer, spoke about Gabriel. In an interview with Jovim Ban on the 19th, the 46-year-old former player, who also defended flamingo 2006 Brazilian Cup champion, was a provocation.

Gabigol is a great player, but I’m better than him. Just look at the numbers, what I win is playing with 22 points in the face, playing offside in the toe. I think he’s a great player, he could be a lot better. If it’s less severe, be calmer and more devoted. I’m not against that, he has to do more and he will overtake me as the player with the most goals in the Libertadores. Someone will pass, he’s a great player, now I want to see him make 15 in the Libertadores.

With 15 goals, Luisao was the top scorer in the 2000 Libertadores Cup for Corinthians – Photo: Epitácio Pessoa / Estadão Content

Of the seven selected, Gabriel has the best in four (Goals in Brazil, Copa Brasil, Seleção and artillery), while Luisao has an advantage in the other three (Libertadores, titles and goals in Europe). Still, active Gabigol is poised to outshine him in two of those.

Closer is exactly what started the discussion. With the two goals he scored against Universidad Católica, flamingo Total 26 Libertadores compared to 29 Luisao. In this edition of the competition alone, Gabi secured three more matches. Additionally, he has two more on the horizon for impending qualification to the Round of 16.

There are 25 goals for flamingo In the tournament, he’s broken down as follows: nine in 2019 – the year he scored his second Libertadores goals against River – and another 16 in red and black (two in 2020, 11 in 2021, and three more in the current edition). In 2018, he made one for Santos.

Gabe is also on the heels of the contender in terms of the number of titles. She is 14 to 12 with Libertadores, Brasileirões and wins the national team jersey for both sides, Luizão from the 2002 Cup and Gabriel from the 2016 Olympics.

Comparing figures between Gabigol and Luizão in their career – Photo: Infoesporte

Throughout his successful career, Luisao won six official championships, one Brazilian Championship, one Libertadores, one Brazilian Cup, one Club World Cup, one German League Cup, one Rio Sao Paulo Cup, and one World Cup, while Gabi won, in addition to Olympic. Gold, five states, two Brazilians, two Super Cups, a Recopa and one Libertadores.

When it comes to the national team shirt, Luizão is more important because of his participation in the Penta campaign, but it is Gabi who scored more goals in the main team: 5 to 4. The most difficult stat for a player flamingo Overcoming them are those goals in Europe.

Although not as famous as he was on the national soil, Loisau scored ten times for A Coruña and Hertha Berlin. The contender, on the other hand, only made two in a secret pass through Inter Milan and Benfica.

If the two carry the title of artillerymen with them, it is Gabriel who earns more in the literal sense. This is largely due to the superiority in the two major competitions in Brazil: Brasileirão (94 x 76) and Copa do Brasil (24 x 20).

Gabigol standing with a Carioca trophy – Photo: Marcelo Cortes/Flamingo

Gabi was the top scorer twice in the dispute by two consecutive points and three times in the tournament by knockout, and Gabi was the top scorer in nine tournaments, while Luisao in only two. The former player was dominant in the 1996 Copa Brasil and in the 2000 Libertadores when he scored 15 goals.

Between numbers that speak for themselves, Gabriel and Luisao have been duels for generations with the certainty of having plenty of ball in the net. So, who was better?