June 6, 2023
Galaxy A53 5G keeps the legacy of Samsung's best mid-range phones?  Analysis / review

Galaxy A53 5G keeps the legacy of Samsung’s best mid-range phones? Analysis / review

The Galaxy A53 The mission to be the best broker comes from Samsung when it comes to cost-effectiveness. Will he be able to conquer everything and not only your predecessorbut also the turbocharged version Galaxy A52s?

The design hasn’t changed or hasn’t changed so much that few will even notice. A53 is more compact and thin, despite the increased battery. The rear remains identical to the previous year’s model and arrived in Brazil in four color options, including blue and pink, in addition to the traditional white and black. The body is plastic with good construction and is IP67 certified, but the headphone jack has been cancelled.

The screen is the same as last year’s models and guarantees good colors with strong brightness and 120Hz refresh rate, but it still fails to be variable rate and there is no HDR support either. Stereo has good power, and could be a little better in sound balance, which ends up amplifying the treble.

Performance is at the expense of the new Exynos 1280, which is an intermediate chip close to the Snapdragon 750G, but doesn’t have the same to overtake the Snapdragon 778G from the Galaxy A52s. It is really disappointing to see the new is slower than the old. The A52 even plays games well, but don’t expect the heaviest games at maximum quality with good fluidity.

The battery has grown so it offers superior autonomy. The difference is small compared to last year’s model, but it still manages to spend all day away from power outlets. The charger itself is 15W and takes just over an hour and a half to fully fill the battery.

The camera assembly is the same as the last generation and offers similar quality. There are small differences due to switching from Snapdragon to Exynos, but you don’t have to worry about that: the Galaxy A53 takes good photos and videos.

Worth buying? It depends. The changes are so small that it is not worth considering the transition to the new one. To check out all the details, simply access the full analysis below.

The Galaxy A53 5G has arrived for 2699 Brazilian Real Its launch at a promotional price, but below you’ll find even better deals: