June 13, 2024

Galaxy S22: Rumor has it that line batteries may be running low

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Galaxy S22: Rumor has it that line batteries may be running low

Update (09/16/21) – HA

There are already rumors that Samsung’s new flagship, is Galaxy S22It will be released later this year, but now a new note indicates that certain specifications may not be available. as well Galaxy S20 Remove the headphone jack and Galaxy S21 In the microSD card slot, the following series may lower the battery level for this line.

According to information from the Galaxy Club website, the battery capacity of the base model of Galaxy S22 will only have a nominal capacity of 3,590 mAh – That is, the capacity to be marketed as 3700 mAh. In comparison, the nominal capacity of the S21 was 3880 mAh.

I s Galaxy S22 Plus You should bring a 4500 mAh battery instead of the 4800 mAh in the S21 more. Meanwhile, the more advanced version should keep the same 5000 mA as S21 Ultra.

Samsung’s upcoming flagships will feature newer, more efficient OLED panels with an Exynos 2200 processor. So, too, Samsung wants to offer 45W fast charging options on some phones in the series.

Original Article (06/13/21)

Less than five months ago, the public was officially considering the Galaxy S21 series, the most advanced smartphones from Samsung. Despite being complete devices in various aspects, users do not fail to speculate what the South Korean company might prepare for the future generation.

NS Galaxy S22 expected with Detachable Telephoto Camera The graphic processing provided by A AMD GPU. Now, new leaks indicate that the next generation is equipped with AMOLED screens up to 6.81 inches with LTPO.

According to information from various sources, future smartphones – Galaxy S22And Galaxy S22 Plus NS Galaxy S22 Ultra It will come with 6.1-inch, 6.5-inch, 6.6-inch and 6.8-inch screens respectively, as detailed by one of the leaks on Naver.

With slightly different numbers, user Mauri QHD, on Twitter, released measurements he got from his trusted sources, noting that the models will come with 6.06-inch, 6.55-inch and 6.81-inch screens. It should be noted that these numbers support the same hypothesis as it Galaxy S22 Ultra will have the largest display from the series.

It is possible that the conflicting measurements are the result of differences in screen measurement methodologies, taking into account the margin of error for rounded corners and other variables. On the other hand, there is consistency in speculation that Only the most advanced model will be equipped with LTPO technology From Seoul, Korea.

So far, this is the only information obtained about the Dynamic AMOLED display that adds a high level to Samsung’s flagship smartphone technology. More information about these tools should appear soon.

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