February 28, 2024

Giant french fries get into the Guinness book

The Guinness Book of Records was created to catalog all kinds records In the world, from the most unusual to the most unusual. Therefore, this boy’s case could be included in the book. The kid may have found the world’s largest French fries, the previous record of 22.3 cm, and could hit it off.

The largest potato chips in the world

Check out the bigger issue French fries The world found by a 9-year-old boy in Wales:

Guinness book.


Archie Davies, a 9-year-old Welshman, after accompanying his parents on a trip to his hometown supermarket chain, Asda, took out a packet of frozen chips for the family to prepare for dinner that night. While preparing the potatoes, the boy noticed that there was a potato larger than the potato inside the package. After frying it, his curiosity piqued, he offered the food to his parents, who made sure to measure its size and see that it was over 20 cm long.

Curious to know if this was a world record, the boy’s family looked into the “Guinness Book” and saw that the record was exactly 22.3 centimeters. So they took a tape measure to accurately measure the boy’s potatoes. And there was a new record for the largest potatoes. In training, Archie’s fries were 9 inches tall. As a result, he decided to name the potato Jeff.

“He was really excited when we found it. We’ve contacted the Guinness Book of Records to see if it could actually be a world record, as we think the last record was 22.3cm,” said Archie’s mother, Laura.

“Archie loves learning all about world records. He said no one is ever allowed to touch them (on Jeff) right now and he doesn’t know if we’ll ever get them ready. I think Archie would love to be famous for that,” she added.