February 28, 2024

Giant supermarket chain

Try not to be shocked when you learn about the current state of a giant company that everyone loves

In recent months we have come across situations involving large corporations, which a few years ago would have been completely unimaginable. Thus, during internal crises regarding the financial sector, the giant companies in Brazil had to lay off large numbers of workers and even declare bankruptcy.

However, nothing shocks like the situation of a giant and beloved supermarket chain, which has a debt of R$150 million.

good, Information from the State Post portalAccording to the source, who has a debt of R$150 million, the owners of the Shama supermarket chain are seeking judicial recovery in MS.

Let’s get to the facts! It turns out that the famous J Chagas group, which owns the Chama e Wholesale Fogo supermarket chain, has its headquarters in Naviraí, within Mato Grosso do Sul, for those who do not know, declared with state bankruptcies, redemptions and insolvency. Court, debt of R$152,483,784.61.

Information shows that at the beginning, the financial crisis in the company settled in 2020, yes, when the whole world was exposed to the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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In this way, the main aim of the application for judicial recovery is to seek an agreement with the creditors of the owners in order to prevent the enterprise from declaring itself bankrupt once and for all.

Regarding the debt, the owners of J Chagas said that “the amounts are beyond their financial capabilities at this time, which supports the request for judicial recovery.”

The document also justifies that the group made the largest financial investment not long ago, which did not exceed 30% of what was targeted for the unit, “as a reflection of inflationary pressures and high interest rates, which reduce the purchasing power of consumers.”

How is Shama supermarket chain currently?

Well, currently the company has 10 units, 3 wholesale stores and 7 supermarkets with around 800 direct employees.

According to the source, the company serves about 160,000 customers per month, located in the cities of Navirai, Iguatme, Carabo, Corumba, Ladario and Maracaju, as well as on the Bolivian border.

Shama supermarket chain - Photo Internet
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Shama supermarket chain – Internet

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