February 1, 2023

Gil do Vigor opened the game, talking about relationships and revealing the flirtations of former BBB participants: “I gave a kiss”


Web quickly speculated about the powerful flirtation and recalled the atmosphere that swirled between him and another ex-brother

Gil do Vigor reveals his flirtation with the former BBBs:
Gil do Vigor reveals flirtation with former BBBs: ‘I gave a kiss’. Photos: Play / Official Instagram Stories of the former BBB.

Former BBB 21 iconic Gil do Vigor made a surprising reveal that left fans elated, this Thursday (12), during his participation in the Big Day marathon, part of the BBB Network program, broadcast by Gshow. The economist opened the hookup game and said that before his ex-bro, Participants in the 19th and 20th editions. Fans even speculated about who Gale was talking about.

Without naming names, Gill admitted there was an exchange of looks with characters known to the show’s die-hard audience: “Actually one [BBB] 20 f I have already accepted one of the 19 as wellHe said PhD in economics. Despite insistence, the man from Pernambuco maintained anonymity to his chosen one. However, the Internet did not leave the revelation unpunished.

It didn’t take long for the internet to start speculating about the power flirt. Netizens mentioned that Daniel the former BBB, who was the most watched house in Brazil in the 20th edition, already once stayed with the economist. At BBB 19, Danrley Ferreira took on a formation with Pernambucan: “Who wouldn’t kiss Jill, you guys?”the actor admitted.

Recently, Gil joked about his relationships outside of confinement and jokingly mentioned another BBB. “There’s one from this latest version going to visit me.”. Presenter Anna Maria wanted to know who Gil was referring to: “Yes sure? Has it been taught already? And you don’t want to give it directly here?”questioned the commander of the Mais Você. “I want. Because now, if he gives up going, he’ll have to go anyway, it’s agreed. It’s Lucas Pesoli.”he joked.

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