June 24, 2024

Globo kills HD TV pioneer and launches new channel for 2022; Know any TV news

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Globo kills HD TV pioneer and launches new channel for 2022;  Know any TV news

Globo will close Mais na Tela, the successor to Mais Globosat, one of the pioneers In the transmission of high-definition images on pay-TV. Starting in 2022, the group will broadcast a new channel dedicated to tourism and lifestyle. The name chosen was Travel Mode. The official announcement will be made in the next few days.

Mode Viagem will reuse some attractions that were already part of the old channel and reproduce content originally produced by Multishow. Shows such as Anota AĆ­ with Titi Muller and Lugar Incomum with Didi Wagner will be on the new schedule.

according to the newsAmong the attractions that will be part of the Modo Viagem is the Ruas Brasil Afora program, presented by Rodrigo Ruas, who already had a program of this kind in the Band. In it, the presenter crosses the world in search of unique experiences and shows the best way to go, what to take, where to eat, and the best time of year for each destination.

Incredible Hotels and Vinhos.Br will also be on the channel network. The first shows details of the five-star hotels visited by millionaires around the world. The second has the allure of killing the public’s curiosity about how the best wines are produced in Brazil and the world.

The story of Mais Globosat / Mais na Tela

Mais na Tela was a continuation of Mais Globosat, which has been on the air since 2007, when HD broadcasting began in Brazil. Its initial name was Globosat HD and it has collected many live events and productions from Globosat channels. It was one of the first pay-TV channels to have its programs broadcast entirely in HD, a novelty at that time.

In 2012, Globo changed its name and was renamed Mais Globosat, due to the release of a high-definition signal for other channels of the group, such as SporTV, Multishow, GNT and others.

Since October 2020, The channel took the name Globosat and became Mais na Tela. The removal of the old brand is due to the unification of all Grupo Globo companies.

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