June 25, 2024

Globo massacre with dubbing scene in Am Logar au Sol: ‘Pesaro’ TV News

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Globo massacre with dubbing scene in Am Logar au Sol: 'Pesaro' TV News

The main voice actors in Brazil are disgusted with the series place in the sun, aired at 9:00 on Globo. last Wednesday (8), A scene featuring the character Nicole (Anna Bird). On a test run of an American production dubbing, it was deemed damaging to the profession. Bad repercussions Make the station erase the controversial section of social networks.

The commotion started at the end of the chapter. No work, no hopeNicole decided to get an audition as a voice actress in a studio in Rio de Janeiro. According to the plot scenario, the redhead had already taken a training course in the area when she was younger.

Nicole has never worked with dubbing in her life, she had an experienced Paco (Otavio Muller) in the studio. They talked about the function and tested it together at the same location. The dubbing director (Antonio Fragoso) loved the work and said that Nicole has great potential for someone who hasn’t done anything like this before.

In the scene, Anna Bird appears touched and kisses her hand to simulate the noise of a kiss on a person. Ottavio Muller composes the script that was to be called a tone that was considered absurd. On Twitter, Globo posted the scene as if it was a funny thing. The comment was: “Guys, dubbing! (laughs)”.

It was enough to irritate professional voice actors and a large part of the audience. Many people considered the clip to be harmful because it portrayed dubbing as an afterthought and a “barrier” for an unsuccessful person in the artistic life. NS the news I found that some voice actors who have close contact with Globo managers complained about WhatsApp.

Publicly, the professionals said that the practices in the clip do not happen in real life. “This recording would never be approved in professional dubbing. At least not in a high-quality studio, with good directors and voice actors. And we don’t record like that, using two microphones at the same time, it’s all done separately,” said Gilherme Briggs, one of the greatest Brazilian dubbing names.

Voice actor Fernando Mendonca commented, “Whoever created and directed this scene definitely doesn’t know our dubbing. It’s totally wrong and reinforces the stereotype that we fight every day. 80% of subscribers prefer dubbing.” Fernanda Silva, who also works in the medium, criticized “a strange scene. Anyone who knows the dubbing, knows how unrealistic this scene is.”

The column sought Globo to express criticism against him place in the sun, But until the closing of this report, the station had not issued a statement. If you do, it will update.

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