June 14, 2024

God of War: Death of the Creator of the Feathers of Chaos

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God of War: Death of the Creator of the Feathers of Chaos

In a message posted on his official Twitter profile, Mihir Seth, the combat commander design for the franchise God of WarAnd he revealed the death of designer George Mall, who worked on the same series last Thursday (2).

Mawle is best known for being the creator of the classic War God Blade of Chaos game, but his name is also associated with the Leviathan axe that appeared in the latest title in the series. He left the Santa Monica studio in February of this year to work on an undisclosed project.


“At Santa Monica Studios, he worked on Kratos’ weapons, navigation, RPG system, various combat elements, programming systems improvements to aid designers and much more. He was a veteran of the team who played an important role in closing and reducing bugs. He can tell you a lot. About him as well as many other people who work with him.Games are people-made and we lost a big guy on Thursday.Sheth wrote in his long letter: “We will miss you big man.”

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