June 14, 2024

Google accuses Apple of tech bullying; Understand the issue | cell

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Google accuses Apple of tech bullying;  Understand the issue |  cell

the google browser Use social media to indict An apple Bullying, which sparked controversy between fans of the two brands. The truth happened because of the differentiation that apple made into the iMessage messaging app, which has been a huge success in the United States. users iOS Additional features and identified by a different color within the app, which may generate social pressure on those who use itza AndrewtheIdentification card.

First Vice President GoogleeIn Twitter, Hiroshi Lockheimer said competitors are bullying other users by marking them with the colors of message balloons (blue for those who use An apple and green for others). .’s official profileHey AndrewIdentification card On the networks, he endorsed the CEO’s speech and highlighted that “texting should serve to unite us.”

for lovers google browserIn addition to messages shown in green, they can also be sent via SMS only. In this sense, one of the main complaints of users Android It is the impossibility of being able to send content over mobile data.

Online discussion started after an article by The Wall Street Journal Which dealt with predominance of use Iphone among young people. The most prominent content published by the newspaper, Mr An apple, which accounts for about half of the market in the United States. In this way, some young people who do not have an Apple cell phone may feel inferior.

iMessage for Android brings more basic features and different colors into the conversation bubble – Image: Image: Disclosure / Apple

But the discussion was not limited to criticism only, as Lockheimer suggested that the Cupertino giant move to adopt the RCS standard for message exchange. In this way, users Android Can communicate with friends who have Iphone More powerfully, by sending text messages and also multimedia content. Additionally, they will also support encryption, typing pointer, and video calling.

It is worth noting that the company headed by Tim Cook can also simply transfer iMessage to Android. As simple as that, it seems that this possibility is out of the question, mainly for fear of losing customers to google browser. So far, there has been no official position on An apple about the case.

with information from Android salad e The Wall Street Journal

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