March 4, 2024
Google indicates that these are the most searched dreams in 2022

Google indicates that these are the most searched dreams in 2022

In early 2022, staff checked a database google searches What are the most searched dreams in different countries. The research may not have been involved at the time, but it did reveal some insights into dreams that occur all over the world. This is the time that can provide relief to anyone who dreams of losing teeth.

Snake dream

While the data was available, the team looked at the most common dreams searched for on Google and broke them down by country. Worldwide, they found the most searched dream is snakes They found this type of dream being searched for 352,000 times a month in Brazil, according to the data. The same dream is searched about 214,000 times a month in Turkey.

The areas where poisonous snakes live were also at the top of the list, and of course the outcome of these cases was already predictable. However, countries without venomous snakes also dreamed of driving snakes. The biggest example of this was the UK, where any snake bite can be completely harmless, yet hunting for the dream was a close second.

Dream of falling teeth

In much of Western Europe and North America, it also ranks first in UK opinion polls, the dream of tooth loss. In the United States, about 81,000 dream searches per month are observed. Spiders and bears made the American menu.

Over time, people associated a dream about teeth falling out with a premonition of the death of someone close or close. This is a very common interpretation, but Freud mentioned it and rejected it.

Dream reviews may be pseudoscience, but the most recent interpretation of tooth loss in the 1960s offered fresh insight into the cause: the fear of aging.

The dream was also analyzed by a study conducted in 1984 that attempted to assess the special characteristics of people who dreamed of teeth falling out and of people who did not have this type of dream.

“Personality questionnaires indicated that toothed dreamers were more anxious and depressed,” the scientists wrote, publishing in Psychological Reports. “They had less ego power, were less satisfied with their lives, felt they had less control over their lives. They felt powerless.” More than the officers who dream of escaping.

“For the current group of dreamers, it seems possible that psychological states of helplessness or loss of control could lead to the primal vestigial dream of losing teeth.”