July 15, 2024

Graphics Impress God of War on PC; a look

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Graphics Impress God of War on PC;  a look
Graphics Impress God of War on PC;  a look

Play videos from God of War On PC Internet trading began with the fall of the ban on ratings on Wednesday (12). The game’s high quality visual image is very popular on networks in many ways, both compared to PS5 Or operate in different configurations. It is worth noting that the launch of the computer address will be next Friday, January 14.

The official PlayStation Access account showed a preview of the game captured in 4K/60fps With graphics options in “Ultra”. paying off:

Other channels have already explored 4K gameplay with DLSS – a technology capable of optimal image rendering – turned on, also with Ultra settings. It is very similar to the above content, but the exploration is done in a more detailed way:

If you have widescreens (21:9), this will look like when exploring Midgard:

Comparing God of War on PC with PS5

God of War on PC and PS5 has already drawn comparisons. The title has been updated to run at 60fps, meaning it’s not an original release for high-end Sony hardware. Draw your conclusions by watching the video below:

If you want to know our opinion about God of War for PC, our review is already posted on the site. Click here and see what we think!

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