February 26, 2024
Grazi Massafera surpreendeu com seu clique (Foto: Reprodução / Instagram)

Grazi Massafera has a revealed relationship with the singer and presumably: “Girlfriend”

Grazi Massafera decided to show off her body and ended up winning the praise of a woman

Thank you whistle She was very active on her social media. So much so that on Sunday, July 10, the cat decided to share a series of flicks where she poses in a bikini and shows off her fully defined body. The records garnered much praise.

“Sporting my sunny day,” Grazi Massafera wrote in the caption to the post. The comments yielded a lot. Essentially, the one made by Juliet, the former BBB21 participant. The singer decided to show her admiration for the actress, but eventually surpassed herself.

This is because Juliet, perhaps in jest, ended up showing her love interest in Grazi Massafera. In this way I decided three comments in the publication of the actress. “This is disgusting,” Paraibana initially commented when she came across the photo.

“Date with me,” Juliet said at another point. In this article, Grazi Massafera referenced the answer and even coined the phrase “now”. In addition, the former BBB also launched: “My Girlfriend”. In fact, he was not the only celebrity who succumbed to the beauty of the actress. The post already has over 16,000 comments.

Grazie Masafira flaunted her body and won praise (Image: Instagram/Instagram)
Grazie Masafira flaunted her body and won praise (Image: Instagram/Instagram)

warm night of love

Grazi Massafera was present Sunday night, June 12, from Domingão as a guest judge at Dança dos Famosos. At the time, the actress ended up being her intimate victim wide open on TV and an embarrassing moment emerged throughout Brazil.

It all started when Luciano Hack decided to submit a testimonial from a friend of the actress. The woman decided, then, to remember a night of brutal sex starring Grazi Massafera at her home. The actress was at the beginning of a relationship and took her suitor to her colleague’s house for a moment alone.

Suddenly I heard a noise: “Boom.” I took the phone and said: Friend, is everything all right? Or do you want me to call the police? She must have done some “performance” and made a noise, and kicked out the friend. When the camera snapped back to Grazi Massafera, the celebrity couldn’t hide her shame.

The actress did not dwell on the topic further: “I thought it would evolve. I won’t say. Don’t bother. Thank you, my friend, for saving. I can’t tell what time the program is? Let’s leave it for later.” Luciano Hack even tried to remove more stuff, but it didn’t happen: “What’s the noise? Ah, I’m so curious now.”

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