February 25, 2024

Grendene announces dividends, stock repurchases, and dividends

Posted at 8:26 pm


The Board of Directors of Grendene (GRND3), in a meeting held this Thursday, the second, has approved the distribution of 1,114,231,022.02 Brazilian reais (one billion one hundred and fourteen million two hundred and thirty-one thousand, twenty-two reais and two cents), with the holders of common shares being liable for the total amount of R$1.235710852 per share.

Payment will be from 05/17/2023.

The distribution will be as follows: the amount of R$ 110 million in interest on share capital, which corresponds to the total amount per share of R$ 0.121992828; and R$1,004,231,022.02 as supplementary earnings (2022 dividend balance), for R$1.113718024 per share.

Shareholders who own common shares (GRND3) registered in the company’s records on 05/02/2023 (the closing date) are entitled to receive interest on equity and additional dividends.

Accordingly, GRND3 shares will be traded without dividends and without JCP as of 05/03/2023.

New Buyback Program

The Board of Directors also approved the creation of a new joint stock buyback program. Up to 5 million nominal common shares can be repurchased, equivalent to 1.9% of the shares outstanding. Program ends July 31, 2024.

Net income of R$ 202.6 million in the fourth quarter of 2022

Grendene released results for the fourth quarter of 2022 (Q22) this Thursday, the second, after market close. In this period, it generated a net profit of R$ 202.6 million, down 12.1% compared to Q4 2011.

Ebitda was 23.5% lower, at R$149.2 million.

See more details about the score in the table below:

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