February 28, 2024

Hamas unleashes extensive rocket barrage amid Israels invasion delay

Hamas Launches Largest Rocket Barrage in Recent Escalation of Conflict

In a major escalation of the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel, the Palestinian militant group launched a massive series of rocket barrages into Israel on Tuesday. Some reports suggest that this attack is the largest wave of rockets since their assault on October 7.

While the barrage mainly focused on the city of Tel Aviv, it affected over a dozen other cities as well, triggering widespread rocket alerts across central Israel. This spike in Hamas’ aggression is alarming, as it marks the single largest attack since the war began 18 days ago.

During Tuesday’s barrage, at least five Israelis were wounded in separate incidents. The ongoing rocket attacks have been met with Israeli airstrikes on Hamas targets in Gaza as part of their response.

The Israeli military has been preparing for a potential ground invasion of Gaza, but plans for such an operation have been delayed due to tactical and strategic reasons. The delay comes after President Biden’s administration urged Israel to hold off on any invasion to allow for more time to negotiate the release of hostages.

Hamas had taken approximately 200 hostages in their October 7 attack, and so far, they have released four of them. However, there have been no further updates on the progress of negotiations for the remaining hostages.

In response to the ongoing conflict, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to “destroy” Hamas. He has gained support from the United States and other Western nations for his tough stance against the militant group.

French President Emmanuel Macron has also weighed in on the situation. During a meeting with Netanyahu, he stated that the campaign against Hamas should be “without mercy, but not without rules.”

As the conflict continues to escalate, it remains unclear when a resolution will be reached. Until then, civilians on both sides suffer the consequences of the violence, with no end in sight.