June 14, 2024

Health Department investigates two suspected cases of “black urine disease” in Ceará – Metro

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Health Department investigates two suspected cases of "black urine disease" in Ceará - Metro

Ministry of Health in Ceará (From) is investigating two suspected cases in Fortaleza Huff Syndrome, known asblack urine disease‘, which is usually associated with a toxin found in some fish and shellfish.

The patients, who did not belong to the same family, were admitted to private hospitals in the capital of Ceará after eating fish of this species. Arabiana.

According to a record from the Strategic Information Center on Health Surveillance (Cievs/CE), a 57-year-old woman began experiencing severe abdominal and cervical pain 24 hours after eating fish. She was accepted on August 10 last. Symptoms have also been associated with dark urine.

An 81-year-old man with Parkinson’s disease experienced muscle and joint pain associated with dark urine after eating the same type of fish. It was accepted on August 10.

According to Sesa, the elderly person was discharged from the hospital, at the request of the family, last Monday (16). His family kept a sample of the fish for observational analysis if necessary. The woman was also released from the hospital, but due to an improvement in her clinical condition, on Tuesday (17).

What is Huff Syndrome?

With few known causes, the disease is characterized by a rhabdomyolysis syndrome (muscle cell rupture) without explanation, which predisposes to the sudden onset of severe muscle pain and stiffness.

Patients with the disease may experience severe muscle pain, affecting mainly the cervical region and the lower and upper extremities.

Other symptoms are:

  • coffee colored urine
  • lack of air
  • numbness;
  • Loss of strength in the body.

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