June 7, 2023
Health plans have exceeded 49 million beneficiaries in the country

Health plans have exceeded 49 million beneficiaries in the country

The number of people with health insurance in the country exceeds 49 million. The March result of this year was released today (6) by the National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS). This number, at 49,074,356, represents a 2.6% increase compared to March 2021.

The growth in users of exclusive dental plans was greater. In the same period, there was an increase of 7.62%, to 2,9357656 inhabitants.

According to the agency, the data shows that the complementary healthcare sector remains hot. Since July 2020, when the number of users was 4,682,928, the increase in membership has been continuous.

Regarding the use of health plans, the Covid-19 Bulletin, which provides information on the behavior of the complementary medical care sector during the pandemic, shows that occupancy of beds assigned to treat the disease in March decreased compared to February, from 58% to 44%. On the other hand, the occupancy rate for other services was 80%, causing the overall occupancy rate for beds (general and ICU) to reach 77%, the highest since January 2019.

The performance of COVID-19 detection tests saw a significant increase in January of this year, due to the micron variant. This month, the number of RT-PCR tests reached 975017, the highest number since the start of the pandemic.

* Trainee under the supervision of Mario Toledo.