June 24, 2024

Hideo Kojima is concerned about the end of physical media games

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Imagem de: Hideo Kojima está preocupado com fim de jogos em mídia física

There is no doubt that physical media is starting to lose more and more space over time in all areas, including games. However, we can still find those who prefer the CD and box format in their collections, and among those we have Hideo Kojima, who used his Twitter profile to leave some comments on the topic and his concern about this issue.

“CDs will soon cease to exist. When I think about it, I keep buying [CDs], although I already have several. In the end, even digital files will no longer be owned by people of their own free will. Kojima wrote, Whether there is a major change or an accident in the world, in a country, in a government, in an idea, in an issue, access to this content can be cut off without warning.

We will not have free access to the movies, books, and music we love. I would be a person without that content, and that’s something I’m afraid of. This is not ambitious,” concluded the creator metal equipment NS death strand.

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically increased the search for digital content, but it has also blown things up a bit when it comes to gaming on physical media. As people at home search more and more for consoles like the Super Nintendo and PlayStation, the search for original games for these platforms has increased, thus raising the price of games like Chrono player, Series Final Fantasy, Klonoa And many other things.

And you, what do you think about this? Are you from the physical media team or have you transitioned to digital a long time ago? Leave your opinion in the space below for comments.

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