June 24, 2024

Highlighting Access Game, Tadeu impressed by Goiás’ return: ‘The Emerald Nation deserves it’ | Goiás

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Highlighting Access Game, Tadeu impressed by Goiás' return: 'The Emerald Nation deserves it' |  Goiás

Tadeu’s comeback, questionable in last season’s relegation campaign, was completed on Monday, and the goalkeeper was the highlight of the team in the access match. The number 1 jersey made incredible saves and shined in the 2-0 win He turned the Guarani in a match that ensured the Emerald’s return to the national elite.

At the celebration, which was still on the grass, Tadeau highlighted the family’s support, noting his daughter’s serious health problem, as well as the strength of the group, which qualified for a second division dispute after a poor campaign in Goiás. championship.

First, I thank God for my health, my family and my wife, who are the basis of my daily life. We had a very serious problem and we did. My children are everything to me. The Emerald Nation deserves it from here. It was hard. The year started badly, but ended happily. Hard work, hard work. These sentiments represent a lot to put Goias in their rightful place. There was a lot of weight to give up, but with work we were able to come back. It’s exciting because we know how hard we suffer. It would be very unfair to shy away from this access.

Tadeu celebrates Goias in their 2-0 win over Guarani – Photo: Marcos Ribolli

This is Goiás’ fifth entry in the Série B. He also rose to the club in 1994 and 2018, as well as 1999 and 2012, when he was champion.

In the last round, he will face Esmeraldino Prusc, next Sunday, in a match at the Sirinha stadium, which promises to be a party to crown Al-Fateh.

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