April 13, 2024
How much does the actress's trip to Capri, Italy cost?

How much does the actress’s trip to Capri, Italy cost?

Actress Mesa Silva’s 20th birthday celebration has attracted attention on social media. She and two friends, Fernanda Concon and Julia Rabello, are on the island of Capri, Italy.

Mesa did not reveal how many days she plans to spend on the island in the Gulf of Naples, known for its natural beauty and visited by many tourists.

Capri is known for its rugged landscapes and upscale hotels and malls selling everything from designer fashion to handcrafted items.

The UOL Consult some websites and travel agencies to find out the cost of the trip there. If you are on your own, the trip will cost, at least, about 8000 RRL, in a package in which Capri is visited quickly, just like a tour. Now, if money wasn’t the issue, the sum of everything could exceed R$20,000.

A view of the Piccola marina beach in Capri, Italy - Getty Images - Getty Images

A view of the Piccola marina beach in Capri, Italy

Photo: Getty Images


The Expedia sitemap It appears that there are options for different budgets in Capri.

There are hotels at a daily price of 1400 Brazilian riyals, Like Villa Patreziat a daily price of 516 Brazilian riyals and a view of the sea.

It is important to note that there is an increase in fees, which makes accommodations more salty.

flight tickets

Air travel alone is already a significant weight in the travel schedule.

By the way, it is good to know that Capri does not have an airport. So the stop should be in Naples or Sorrento.

on the platform The Google Which raises fares from major airlines, fares range from R$8,024 to R$14,690, round trip, departing from Guarulhos Airport, In the metropolitan area of ​​Sao Paulo. The cheapest flight takes 31 hours, with a layover of 10 hours at Dubai International Airport in the United Arab Emirates.

From Naples or Sorrento, boats depart that take you to the island of Capri. Tickets cost from €15 to €25 (R$76.65 to R$127.77 at today’s prices), and the journey takes 20-30 minutes.


Escape, a platform that provides flights and packages, There is a choice for Italy. There are four nights in Rome, plus three nights in Naples (also close to the island), with a trip to Capri included.

The package for one person starts at R$8,249, a value announced as a promotion on Monday (23). The full price was R$10,999. The price does not include transfers from Rome Airport to the hotel, which will be determined, according to Herb, “based on availability and promotional rates from local partners.” Accommodation, according to Herb, falls into the “economy category.”

For those leaving Rio de Janeiro, There is an all-inclusive offer of 2,309 BRL per personon the same terms.

View of Capri from the top of Mount Solaro - mikolajn / Getty Images / iStockphoto - mikolajn / Getty Images / iStockphoto

View of the seaside resort of Capri from the summit of Monte Solaro

Photo: mikolajn / Getty Images / iStockphoto


Misa posted on social media that she passed through Grotta Azzurra (Gruta Azzurra blue), one of the most traditional tourist sites on the island.

On the Viator website, linked to Tripadvisor, there is a package that includes a boat trip along the entire coast of the island, passing through the caves of Azul, Branca and Verde (which I also visited Massa), Natural Arch, Villa Malaparte, Punta Carina Lighthouse, the second most important lighthouse in Italy, and Arco do amor.

The tour departs from Marina Grande in Capri and Costs from 105 BRL, but it is necessary to pay the additional entrance fee to the Blue Grotto, which is 14 euros (71.54 BRL at today’s rate). The estimated duration of the tour is seven hours.

There are also tours from Sorrento, From BRL 628Lasts up to 8 hours.

And there’s also a group option, for those who don’t want to worry about logistics. The Price starts from 1794.41 BRLConfirm the number of people, varying.

If you don’t want to go with a package, the boat ride and entry ticket to the Blue Grotto are €32 (R$163.52).

On the GetYourGuide page, a tour from Naples towards Isle of Capri and the Blue Grotto cost from 150 euros Per person (R$766.50), including transfer.

On the same platform it is possible to buy a package that departs from Sorrento or Naples, passes through the Blue Grotto and other attractions of Capri, such as the Augustus Gardens and Monte Solaro, €497.50 per person (2544 Brazilian Real).

If you want to go to the Augustus Gardens on your own, tickets will cost 1 euro (5.11 BRL) per person. The Monte Solaro cable car costs EUR 11 (BRL 56.21), round trip.