February 4, 2023
How to avoid the forgetting curve and improve memory in studies

How to avoid the forgetting curve and improve memory in studies

Performance as a student is important for acquiring various knowledge and developing critical thinking. Regulation cannot be ruled out with regard to studies, but the habit of exercising the mind helps too. When it comes to extracting countless contents, memory should work.

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The forgetting curve established in 1885 by psychologist Hermann Ebeghaus shows that the brain loses most information after a few days. However, from this observation, some methods have been created in order to increase knowledge retention.

Check out 5 tips to avoid the forgetfulness curve and study better

Review 24 hours after watching the content
If you see a class or read some text to learn a concept, don’t be late to review the information. This instant review is intended to replicate what has been learned because much of it is still easy to remember.

See the topics for each topic

Make summaries and break down into topics, always organize the knowledge gained in a visually simple way. Use mind maps, graphs, and tables to try to collect your observations.

Give priority to practical knowledge

Staying only in theory is a mistake, especially for those who will be tested in an exam, so search online for simulations and questions about your schedule and note your ability to explain.

periodic review

In addition to waiting on the first day for the first review, set the periodic reviews, eg, 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month. Always return to the content even if it is for a short time and do active reading, paying attention to the material and the explanation as if you were teaching.

Make studying an unforgettable experience

You know that topic that you never forgot because the teacher suggested a creative activity? This is the idea. Find interesting video lessons, study in a group; Give presentations and explore your creativity to make this moment brighter.