June 14, 2024

How to clean the nebulizer, properly sterilize this useful item

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Como limpar nebulizador, higienize este item útil de forma correta (Foto: Canva Pro)

Fargem Grande Paulista, May 9, 2022, by Naila Maiara – Those who have young children or respiratory problems end up using a device to relieve symptoms. However, we don’t always know How to clean the nebulizerwhich is an essential activity to avoid contamination.

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but the home and farming He has the right information that will help you understand more about this process with complete confidence. So you will see How to clean the nebulizer safely, leaving it free of bacteria and without damaging the equipment.

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How to clean the nebulizer

How to properly clean and disinfect this handy item (Photo: Canva Pro)
How to properly clean and disinfect this handy item (Photo: Canva Pro)

According to the publication st 1, on July 12, 2008 The fact of not knowing how to clean the nebulizer causes users with various syndromes to end up re-contaminating themselves. Therefore, it is necessary to know exactly how to disinfect these artifacts to avoid problems.

First of all, in order for the inhaler or nebulizer to be free of dirt and bacteria, it is always important to remember to wash it after use. The method is very simple, start by removing all removable parts, and not with the ones in the socket. Then apply a neutral detergent and water, scrub each part and rinse with running water. Finally, electronic devices should be sanitized with an alcohol cloth while they are turned off and never soaked.

In case of illness, it is best to soak the mask in a solution of bleach and detergent and warm water before using it, or if possible, each one has its own accessory. Therefore, you will be able to avoid possible contamination, especially if there is more than one family member. However, on this last aspect, it is important to follow up on the last item for more information.

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Can multiple people share an inhaler?

Finally, if you were wondering then How to clean the nebulizerIf this is shared by several family members, then single use is best suited. However, this is usually not possible in most homes. Therefore, we always recommend that the device be properly sterilized before someone else uses it.

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