June 14, 2024

How to withdraw up to 1000 BRL from FGTS? paying off

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Unusual loot release from FGTS (Service Time Guarantee Fund). So far, only workers born in January can withdraw benefits up to Thousand Brazilian Real.

The next filing will be on the 30th (Saturday) for workers born on February. Transfers will be carried out until closing on June 15, when December birthdays will have access to values.

See the calendar for the new FGTS withdrawal

birth month receive in
January April 20
February April 30
Walks May 4
April May 11
mayo May 14
June May 18
July May 21
August May 25
September May 28
October 1st of June
November June 08
December June 15

Where are FGTS amounts released?

Deposit of values ​​is done through the application square his, in the account opened automatically in the name of the agent by Caixa Econômica Federal. The ransom amount is up to 1000 Brazilian Real.

Even if the worker has a large amount in his accounts linked to the guarantee fund, he will only receive a thousand Brazilian reals. On the other hand, those with lower value will be able to access the full amount available.

Who is entitled to withdraw the new FGTS?

Basically, every worker has a balance available in their accounts linked to FGTS You will be able to withdraw. This applies to the unemployed, passive and home workers.

According to the order, the balance on inactive accounts (old jobs) of the fund will be released first and then the amounts of active accounts (current jobs) will be paid, if the worker is employed.

Where do you look for information?

  • FGTS application;
  • FGTS website (fgts.caixa.gov.br);
  • Tel: 4004-0104 (Capitals and Metropolitan Areas); And
  • Phone 0800-1040104 (for other regions).

How and where can I check my FGTS balance?

The worker can refer to an extract from it FGTS Through the Caixa app and through the agency app. See how below:

  1. Update or download the FGTS app;
  2. Enter the application and click “Continue”;
  3. Enter your CPF number and go to “I am not a robot”;
  4. Once you’re done, hit “Next”. If the system asks for image recognition, select it and go to “Verify”;
  5. After that, enter the password and click “Login”;
  6. A message will appear with information about the extraordinary withdrawal of FGTS, click “I understand”;
  7. On the main screen, go to “Extraordinary Withdrawal” in the orange window;
  8. Then you will see the amount available for you to withdraw;
  9. To see which accounts are debited, click “See issued FGTS accounts”.

Notably, for most employees, payment is automatic. However, there may be cases where it is necessary to order values. This is due to the lack of information in the FGTS. Just set the data in the agency’s app.

How do you get the money back?

How are payments made by square his, the operator can transfer values ​​through the application itself. You can pay bills and bills, recharge your cell phone, and make online purchases with your virtual debit card, among other possibilities.

For those who want to have money on hand, just make a withdrawal through the application or make a transfer from another bank account with the same ownership. See how below:

Cash Withdrawal Using Caixa Tem

  1. Open the Caixa Tem application on your cell phone;
  2. Enter your CPF number and password;
  3. In the menu, click “Without Card”;
  4. On the next page, go to “Create a code for withdrawal”;
  5. Enter your password for the code that will be generated;
  6. Write down the numbers, remembering that they are valid for 1 hour;
  7. go to the Caixa self-service terminal or lottery outlets;
  8. Withdrawals are made without a card, so click the “Enter” button;
  9. Once done, press “Saque Caixa Tem”;
  10. Enter your number CPF Then enter the generated code in the application;
  11. Choose or enter an amount to withdraw;
  12. Finally, press the “Enter” button. Wait for the ballot papers to be counted and issued.

Transferred by Caixa Team

  1. Enter the Caixa Tem app;
  2. Click “Transfer Funds”;
  3. Enter the details of the account to which the money will be sent;
  4. To confirm, enter the password registered on the platform;
  5. If you wish, save the receipt on your cell phone or send it via WhatsApp.

It is worth noting that there are transfer restrictions up to R$600 per transaction and R$1200 per day.

Is withdrawal mandatory?

no. The loot is optional for the worker, that is, if he is not interested, he can inform the decision through FGTS or from the fund. However, if the amount is added, it is possible to request a cancellation until November 10.

However, if the worker does not transfer the available funds until December 15th, it will return to the escrow fund accounts after being duly corrected.

See what success is on the Internet:

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