June 14, 2024

Hurricane Lee Poses Threat to New England: Expect Tropical-Storm-Force Winds and Hazardous Surf – Shiv Telegram Media

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Hurricane Lee Poses Threat to New England: Expect Tropical-Storm-Force Winds and Hazardous Surf – Shiv Telegram Media

Tropical Storm Watch Issued for Bermuda as Hurricane Lee Approaches Atlantic

A Tropical Storm Watch has been issued for Bermuda as Hurricane Lee continues to move through the Atlantic Ocean. Initially classified as a Category 5 hurricane, Lee is expected to weaken as it approaches New England.

The latest forecast indicates that Lee will hit Canada, but for the first time, the storm’s cone includes land in the United States. Areas such as Cape Cod and Nantucket in Massachusetts, as well as most of Maine, are now within the potential path of the storm.

Experts predict that Lee will transform into a nor’easter as it progresses, potentially causing tropical-storm-force winds, dangerous surf, and life-threatening rip currents. Coastal regions of Massachusetts and Maine face a 20 to 40% chance of experiencing these strong winds.

Furthermore, large waves and beach erosion are anticipated along the shore, leading to the potential for coastal flooding. Residents and visitors are advised to stay out of the water and safely observe the storm’s effects.

As of the latest advisory, Hurricane Lee is approximately 555 miles south of Bermuda, moving west-northwest at a speed of 6 mph. It currently possesses maximum sustained winds of 115 mph. It is projected to pass near Bermuda and continue its journey towards Nova Scotia, reaching it on Sunday.

A Tropical Storm Watch remains in effect for Bermuda, with the possibility of tropical-storm-force winds, storm surge, coastal flooding, and river flooding. People in the Northeast, New England, and Atlantic Canada are advised to closely monitor Lee’s progress.

Lee’s wind field is expected to span over 550 miles, potentially impacting eastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod. As the storm transitions into an extratropical system, resembling a nor’easter, it can still have significant impacts.

Residents in New England have a few days to prepare for potential impacts, especially those along the Massachusetts coast and in Maine. It is crucial to stay updated with the latest official advisories and take necessary precautions to ensure safety.

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