June 7, 2023
``I fall in love with everyone I stay with'

“I fall in love with everyone I stay with’


The singer announced that she does not forget any of her past relationships

Luisa Sunza opens her heart and admits:
Luisa Sonza opens her heart and admits: “I fall in love with everyone I stay with.” Photo: reproduction/official Instagram of the singer.

Singer Luísa Sonza, 23, did not come into the world on a trip and lives her career intensely. In terms of “heart”, the girl still feels undecided and is looking forward to understanding herself in this area. She admitted that she always falls in love in whatever relationship she’s involved in and can’t get over everyone she’s been in.

The revelation came during his participation in the show.tight skirt(GNT) from Thursday (12) when the blonde was the guest. Luisa Sunza He’s a superhero I made what I wanted to be. I fall in love with everyone I stay with. I fell in love with one these days, I swore I would marry, and I stayed twice,” she admitted.

The singer joked that she falls in love with everyone she stays with, and even announced that she never forgets any of her ex-girlfriends: “I’ve never gotten over any of my relationships. Since the first person I’ve stayed with until today, I’m still in love with everyone. Someone I hate, but that’s not what I think about it. I don’t know if I didn’t get over it, or if I got over it and changed,” revealed the young woman.

“I’ve understood and accepted myself for who I am, since my last serious relationship until here, I understand,” she said, adding that she stopped pretending to be “the angry, beautiful one.” She, like many people, dreams of building a serious relationship that will last a lifetime: “I want to marry, have children and live 50 years with this person.