May 31, 2023
Stenio on stage with Murilo Benício in

I never thought about retirement

Subtitled Uncle Ali, in “O Clone” – Gloria Perez’s hit TV series rebroadcast in the afternoons on Globo TV – Stenio Garcia can actually be very, very, very big. But grandchildren, he had only in the imagination. This Thursday (28) the veteran actor celebrates collecting more than a hundred personalities on TV, theater and film and asking for one gift: another big role to play.

“The greatest gift I could get would be another good character. There is so much I would like to do, and I haven’t had the chance yet. I dream, for example, of being able to interpret Faust to Goethe (German author). He is a demonic character, I want to study his soul. – He hints, explaining that he does not like very popular genres: – The truth is that I’m tired of characters when they look like me. I like to fly in other dimensions.

Stenio in a scene with Murillo Benicio in “O Clone.” Photo: Gianne Carvalho / Rede Globo / Disclosure

Stenio separated from Globo in March 2020, after 47 years as a contract with the station, and participated in the recently released movie “Me tira da mira”, starring Cleo, but had to turn down a role on the streaming platform to preserve his health, during the Covid epidemic. Now, with the routine returning to normal, little by little, he says he’s more than ready to resume combos:

“I’ve never thought about retirement. I want to work until my last day of my life. I don’t know if anything will stop me, but as long as I have the strength, I’ll use my body for art. I arrive healthy and healthy at ninety. I still have the energy, I work as many hours as I need.

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Despite the patriarchal culture, Uncle Ali captured the audience with his charisma. To this day, 20 years after “The Clone” first aired, Stenio receives affection due to Moroccan, uncle Jade (Giovanna Antonelli).

– Ali became the uncle of Brazil. Even losing a little of my identity, she was a very strong character – says the actor, admitting not to follow the reruns of the series: – I didn’t follow my viewers even when they played for the first time. I don’t like to see myself act out, I’m very self-critical.

Stenio and his weights: He trains at home more often
Stenio and his weights: training at home, often Photography: Anna Branco

To celebrate this special date, take a trip. The actor went to Pinto Gonçalves, a city in the south of the country, with his wife, actress Marilyn Saade, 54, at the invitation of a big friend who lives there.

“As far as I know, there’s no party. Unless they come to me with a sudden homage – he suspects, his companion watches him closely when he tries to escape the usual diet: – you fight when I attack sweets. Oh I like it! But I know I’m at a point in life where I need To take care of myself. I am always active, doing gymnastics at home. I will be back in classes soon Pilates and yoga.

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For Capixaba, born in Mimoso do Sul, “Reaching ninety is a great journey”:

I had more time than most people to learn everything I had learned, surrounded by my loved ones. that’s cool! I try never to imagine the future. I am there. As long as my lungs breathe, I will continue to smile.

Stenio Garcia and Marilyn Saade: A Journey to Celebrate His Birthday
Stenio Garcia and Marilyn Saade: A trip to celebrate his birthday. Photo: Ana Branco