July 14, 2024

I was Newly Married and Nine Weeks Pregnant – My Journey with HIV

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I was Newly Married and Nine Weeks Pregnant – My Journey with HIV
I was Newly Married and Nine Weeks Pregnant – My Journey with HIV

Title: TikTok Star Victoria Roscow Empowers Others After Discovering HIV Status During Pregnancy

Victoria Roscow, a 29-year-old woman, has become an internet sensation on TikTok after sharing her journey of living with HIV. In an inspiring turn of events, Victoria discovered her HIV-positive status when she was nine weeks pregnant. However, thanks to the antiretroviral drugs she took during her pregnancy, both her husband and baby son tested negative for the virus.

Having experienced the stigma and ignorance surrounding HIV, Victoria decided to challenge stereotypes and educate others on the realities of living with the virus. She started creating videos on TikTok and has now amassed an impressive following of over 30,000 people who appreciate her candor and determination to debunk misconceptions about HIV.

It was during a previous relationship that Victoria contracted HIV, and she had no reason to suspect her ex had the virus. Her ex-partner was, as Victoria revealed, also unaware of his HIV status. Their experience underscores the importance of regular testing and awareness about HIV, even when no symptoms are present.

One key factor that contributed to the negative results for Victoria’s second child is the antiretroviral medication she took during her pregnancy. This medication significantly reduces the risk of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, ensuring that future children have minimal chances of being born with the virus.

While Victoria has found her voice online and a supportive community, she still faces derogatory comments and prejudice regarding her HIV status. Stigma surrounding HIV remains prevalent, reminding us of the critical need for education and awareness to combat such discrimination.

In a recent incident, Victoria unknowingly underwent an appendix surgery while being HIV positive. This incident stresses the need for increased testing in healthcare settings, ensuring that individuals are aware of their HIV status before any medical procedure.

Victoria’s story and activism have caught the attention of ViiV Healthcare, an organization dedicated to fighting HIV. As part of their campaign to reduce HIV stigma ahead of World AIDS Day, Victoria is actively participating, confident that her efforts will educate and inspire others to embrace those living with HIV.

Victoria Roscow’s experience serves as a powerful reminder of how one person’s determination can impact the lives of many. Through her TikTok videos and participation in campaigns, she continues to fight against the stigma surrounding HIV, empowering others to embrace love, acceptance, and understanding.

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