June 14, 2024

iCasei wedding website drops and despairs of the bride and groom

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iCasei wedding website drops and despairs of the bride and groom

Grooms who decided to use iCasei, a digital platform for organizing weddings, live moments of anxiety on the eve of the party. They hire the service with the intent of facilitating the management of the wedding, but now they are dealing with the plight of the possibility that something might go wrong with the fulfillment of the dream.

According to reports in social networks And the couples Tilt has heard, the website created for every wedding is now offline. There the bride and groom receive confirmation from the guests for the party, indicating gift proposals with monetary values ​​and reporting on the progress of the party, such as time and place.

Respondents still say that they are trying to enter the client area, with the password and name of the registered users, but the login also does not work, neither on the website nor in the application.

The iCasei website, which was sought by Tilt, sought to answer questions about the problem.

iCasei does not log the newlyweds, users say - clone - clone

iCasei Doesn’t Log Participants, Users Say

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But with support, the company confirms the problem via an automated message. The message reads “If you are having trouble accessing your site, we are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible,” without giving a time frame for normalization.

“In short, without access to the platform, in addition to having one hand of the bride in the front and the other in the back, the guests would not be able to reach what the site suggests,” legal analyst Thena Maya, 27, reports.

Another bride, a 30-year-old software engineer, who declined to be identified, says she also can’t access the guest list or know the list of gifts the bride and groom can exchange for cash. All this on the eve of the party scheduled for Friday (29) in Belo Horizonte.

“We, the users, are not logged into the site and even guests are unable to access it. The site is down. We’ve noticed the problem since last night. I searched online to see if it was just me, I tested by Application and computer, and I saw on Instagram many users are also reporting the same problem,” he commented.

The young woman says she lives in uncertainty about the statements of the bride, groom and guests who used the platform.

Feeling insecure and anxious, as the site has a guest list and also gifts to be received in cash. We don’t know if it has been hacked, if we have any guarantee to protect our data and iCasei is only responding technical team is doing analysis and they have no expectations. Meanwhile, we experienced the inconvenience on the eve of the wedding we had been planning for two years.

‘I was attacked by anxiety’

Thina Maya will marry digital channel analyst Michelle Salem, 30, on August 27, in São Paulo, and now says they both have to deal with explanations for guests arriving at the platform.

Tina and Michelle are getting married in August and they have hired iCasei - Personal Archive - Personal Archive

Tina and Michelle are getting married in August and they have hired iCasei

Photo: personal archive

“The website and app are simply down for those who are already customers. Last night, I tried to access and the app asked to log in, but it didn’t load. I asked my fiancé to try it too and nothing. Minutes later among these failed attempts, one of our guests texted me asking Asked if we had sent him the correct location, because it wouldn’t load at all. From there, the panic started.”

I’ve been through a crisis worry-I hardly sleep. Some may think it’s silly, but for those who are already anxious and about to get married, planning everything with such affection and finding themselves “losing control”, it’s a horrible feeling. Shameful situation, even to pass it on to our guests who ask us about it. Tina Maya, 27 years old.

“Guests cannot access the link”

A similar case is experienced by makeup artist Vanessa Orlando, 39, from Rio de Janeiro. She is getting married on August 21, and has been planning the wedding since the end of 2020.

“We chose to put our gift list on the platform because we thought it would make this job easier,” Vanessa says. “But today we found out that the platform is having issues because guests can’t access the gift link or confirm presence.”

The makeup artist says she contacted company support, which would have flagged maintenance on the site, but without giving a deadline to resolve the issue. Expect the bride that this will not hinder the party further until the appointed date.

We’ve been together for 15 years and with all this planning our dream, the possibility of something going wrong is already making us very sad, with a heavy heart. We don’t know what’s going to happen and hopefully it’s a one-time problem even as the date approaches. I’m worried because we trust the company and we have no other choice. Vanessa Orlando, 39 years old.

What is iCasei

As mentioned in the iCasei website description, the platform creates wedding websites, which are included in the service:

  • Attendance confirmation system, where you can control the presence and absence of guests;
  • space to add information about the day of the party;
  • room to tell the story of the couple to the guests; And the
  • Cash gift list system. The items on the listings are fictitious and their values ​​are reversed in cash for the bride and groom.

Site access plans range from BRL 53 to BRL 111 in cash. There is also a free trial option.

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