May 31, 2023
Idol at Inter, D'Alessandro reveals passion and affection from the audience: 'I'll take it for the rest of my life' |  Good friends!

Idol at Inter, D’Alessandro reveals passion and affection from the audience: ‘I’ll take it for the rest of my life’ | Good friends!

Multichampion for the Internacional, with cups like Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana and Recopa, among others, D’Alessandro said goodbye to the promoter at age 41 in a Colorada shirt. When asked if he’s on the same shelf as club greats like Falcao and Fernando, the Argentine midfielder preferred to leave that feeling to the fans. But he never imagined that one day you would enjoy a relationship of affection and passion.

– I can’t put myself in a place like this, because I think the first mistake we can make is to put ourselves in the history of the club. Whoever can put you down is the fan who creates empathy. I never imagined this relationship would exist, but he, the admirer, puts you in the position you deserve or in the position he thinks you should be. And in a club like Inter, where many players spend more money than I did, I will take it for the rest of my life – he said in an interview with Bem, Amigos.

D’Alessandro, former Internacional player – Photo: clone

The Argentine also spoke of one of the most difficult periods in his history with Inter, when in 2016 he left the club to spend a year at River Plate. He returned the following season to help Colorado return to the Brazilian elite division after relegation:

– I left at the beginning of the gaucho tournament, I think a lot in the union. Board, players, everyone. When the leg does not work, it begins to collapse. I felt there was no way to do work in 2015, when we got to the semi-finals of the Libertadores, there was a date I had to take care of. It was difficult to continue what we conquered, but its destruction is quick. I never felt out of the club, which is why I went to River Plate. And when Inter fell, there was no way to turn their backs on the club.

Di Alessandro bid farewell to football on the 17th and scored a goal in Inter’s 2-1 victory over Fortaleza in Beira Rio. After being praised on the grass, the former player now gave a press conference and left the scene, still not sure what he would do from now on. But with a very clear desire: to return to the club in another role.

My story at the club is not over yet, something is going to happen and I need to prepare myself and gain knowledge so that in the future we can work in football and suddenly Inter. It’s no easy feat, said D’Alessandro, I have to comprehend this phase which is over.

51 minutes into the first half – goal from inside the area by D’Alessandro do Internacional against Fortaleza

529 Colorada matches placed D’Alessandro as the club’s second-ranked player. The ace scored 97 goals and provided 113 assists, in addition to 12 titles.