June 24, 2024

Idol Palmeiras, Marcos keeps his promise of the title of Libertadores

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Idol Palmeiras, Marcos keeps his promise of the title of Libertadores

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idol Palm treesMarcos continues to stir up social media incitement celebrating the 2021 Copa Libertadores de América conquest. The former goalkeeper decided to push one of his promises to the title and surprised the fans.

Marcos changed his Instagram profile picture of one of the attackers Deyverson, the hero of the Verdão conquest, and worked to explain it to the people of Palmeira.

“Guys, just so you don’t get confused, this is my Instagram profile picture, Deivin’s profile picture (for a week), and I’m making my promises,” ex-goalkeeper Marcus justifies.

Palm trees hero

Thanks to the goals of Rafael Vega and Deverson, he achieved Palm trees won flamingo 2-1 and won the Copa Libertadores da America in 2021. The big decision for the continental competition was made on Saturday, at Estadio Centenário, in Montevideo, Uruguay.

1999 champion

In the first Libertadores da America conquered Palm trees, in 1999, Marcus was the great protagonist. Since then, he has become one of the biggest idols in the history of Alfeverdi.

data sheet

match: Palm trees x flamingo

Competition: Copa Conmebol Libertadores da America 2021 (Final)

Location: Centenario Stadium, Montevideo, Uruguay

Date and time: November 27 at 5 p.m.

escalation Palm trees: Waverton, Mike, Gustavo Gomez, Luanne Bequerez; Danilothe costume of Rafael and Gustavo Scarpa; Rafael Vega Dudu NS rune.

escalation flamingo: Diego Alves, Isla, Rodrigo Caillou, David Luiz and Felipe Luis; Aaron, Andreas, and Arascaeta; Everton Ribeiro, Bruno Henrique and Gabigol.

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