February 27, 2024

If you haven’t updated WhatsApp yet, 3 good reasons will make you do so

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging services in the world. In Brazil, it is almost impossible to find a person with an Internet connection and a smartphone who does not have a messenger downloaded.

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In this sense, despite its popularity, some issues with using the app should be universal to all users. We are constantly receiving changes, we will talk about the importance of updating WhatsApp

Advantages only: The importance of updating your WhatsApp

In line with the news: the importance of always updating WhatsApp In digital stores, such as the Play Store, it is possible to configure applications to be updated automatically. This means that even if you never open your virtual store, your app will still be up to date.

In case you have configured to update manually, we break down some of the reasons why you should keep your WhatsApp updated.

1. New jobs: Since it is a widely used app, they are constantly working on improving the users’ relationship with the platform. Recently, we had the option to save conversations with a password and edit already sent messages. News is usually integrated with each update. Therefore, if you notice that people near you receive resources, and you do not, check the situation directly in your virtual store.

2. Improved securitySecurity of users is an ever-present concern for businesses, especially those used en masse. No service is free from cyberattacks. As a result, it usually includes fixes for security holes, with the goal of minimizing any potential incidents protecting the user’s personal information and chats.

3. Bug fixesIn short, bugs are a software glitch or error that was not expected. No matter how this happens, it ends up disrupting users’ experience of any kind of technology.

So, by having the latest version, in theory, you are using the most stable version of the app.

Automation: How do you keep the app always updated?

As commented above, digital stores allow for automatic updating. We’ll start with Google Play (Android)

  • Enter the Google Play Store
  • In the upper right corner, enter your profile code.
  • Click Settings
  • Go to Network preferences and select Auto-update apps
  • ready!

Now, on iPhone:

  • Access settings.
  • Click on the App Store.
  • Turn on application updates.

This way, whether you are an iOS or Android user, you will have access to the latest features of the app without having to update manually.