June 13, 2024

“I’m not someone who scolds in the kitchen”

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"I'm not someone who scolds in the kitchen"


In its second season, The Chef will once again be one of the judges for the new season of the reality show, which premieres on Tuesday (17)

Helena commented on her style in the reality kitchen
© Reproduction / official Instagram of Helena RizzoHelena commented on her style in the reality kitchen

This Tuesday (17) is a new season of Masterchef Brazil For the first time in the band, with Helena Rizzo celebrates her second year as one of the judges in gastronomic reality. In an interview with Band Gate, the chef commented on it behavior in the program, which is usually calmer and does not distribute “kicks” When you try a dish you don’t agree with it.

“I try to be as ‘me’ as possible. Anyway, to be natural, spontaneous, I’m not someone to scold the kitchen, I don’t like that tone. My kitchens don’t work that way. If we’re going to criticize it’s better to try to build something out of that criticism,” explains.

Helena has stated that her attitudes will depend on the character of the people who will be part of the cast for this new season. “Of course, it depends a lot on people too. Every action has a reaction and vice versa. We don’t know the competitors, what the people will be like, what they will give us. It is always a surprise,” he said.

The Chef managed to please the audience with the way she treated the contestants last season. “Empathy is key. Nobody’s perfect, people get it right or wrong, they have their weaknesses just like me and everyone else. So, this view is very important. Seeing a person more deeply,” he notes. Helena joins Eric Jaquin and Henrik Fuguaca to evaluate the Masterchef nominees in this new season, featuring a show by Ana Paula Padrao.

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