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In a low-key match, Cruzeiro tied with the Balochistan Red player in the second division

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In a low-key match, Cruzeiro tied with the Balochistan Red player in the second division
(Photo: Francisco Siderem/CRB)

In a low-emotion game, the Sea trip tie with CRB 0-0, this Sunday, at Rei Pel Stadium, in Macei-AL, for the 21st round of secret b. In the main goal of the match, in the 26th minute of the second half, the goalkeeper Fbio He saved the heavenly team by taking the ball over the goal line, after Guilherme Romo’s head deflected. Fox reached match eight undefeated, but remained far from the top clubs ranking table.

As a result, Cruzeiro continues in 14th place, now with 25 points, 10th from the G4 – Botafogo opened the group of the first four, with 35 points. CRB is currently in third place with 37 points.

In the next round, coach Vanderley’s team will face Luxembourg GoisOn September 7 at 9:30 pm in Serenha, Guenia. On the other hand, CRB visits Conviana, on the 1st of September, at 7 pm, in Batisto.

To start the match, Luxembourgo chose the team with Thiago instead of Marcelo Moreno and Wellington Nimes instead of Dudu. Flvio also joined the team, with Rmulo moved to the right flank. Cancer is still unfit and Norberto is recovering from an injury to his right thigh.

the game

The match started with Cruzeiro playing on CRB’s offensive court. Despite this, no clear opportunities were created in the first step. in 17 minutes, Giovanni He took a free kick from a distance and kicked it hard. goalkeeper Diogo Silva saved. The heavy rain that fell on Massey during the clash hampered both teams. The ball didn’t roll and made it difficult to connect plays.

CRB only took one serious shot in the opening stage. In the 39th minute, defender Ramon wrongly touched the ball, Gag stole it, took off on the left side and crossed Junior Brando. The first striker advanced with a right-back and shot with a great danger on goal.

In the second stage, the game continues with some feelings. After 13 minutes, Bruno Jos put on a great one-on-one display, dribbling two defenders and playing for Wellington Nem, who sent her away.

Playing at home, CRB tried to be more aggressive in the final stage with Diego Torres replacing Bressan and Alisson Farias in place of Gag. The move almost had an impact on the scoreboard at 26 minutes. Alisson Farias hit a corner kick on the head of Guilherme Romo who turned it into the goal. Fbio He made an impressive save almost over the goal line.

At the end of the match, Luxembourg tried to make the team more offensive, and only one defensive midfielder was left on the field. However, Cruzeiro failed to open the scoreboard. Rafael Sobes He had a good chance for our additions, but he missed it.

CRB 0 X 0 Cruz


Diogo Silva; Reginaldo Lopes, Gum, Caetano and Guilherme Romo; Marth (Carlos Gatop), Jean Patrick (Wesley), and Bressan (Diego Torres); Gage (Alison Farias), Junior Brando (Emerson Negeba), and Pablo Diego.

Technico: Alan Al

Sea trip

Vibium. Ramulo, Ramon, Eduardo Brock, and Matthew Pereira; Felvio (Marco Antonio), Adriano and Giovanni (Clodinho); Bruno Jose (Felipe Augusto), Wellington Nimes (Marcinho) and Thiago (Rafael Sobes)

Technician: Vanderley Luxembourg

yellow card: Felvio (cruise). Marth and Pablo Diego (CRB).

reason: Tour 21ª from Sri B . area

data: Sunday 29 August 2021

time: 16 hours

Sweetened: estdio Rei Pel, in Macei-AL

Rule: Bruno Arleu de Araujo (FIFA-RJ)

Auxiliaries: Rodrigo Figueiredo Enrique Correa (FIFA-RJ) and Daniel de Oliveira Alves Pereira (CBF-RJ)

where: Rodrigo Carvalhaes de Miranda (CBF-RJ)

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