June 1, 2023

In a situation similar to that of Gustavo Lima, Neto’s costume is undergoing a procedure

Normal The state of health is similar to that of Gustavo LimaZé Neto, Cristiano’s duo, had to undergo a procedure on Thursday (28/4) and canceled the show that was to take place tonight, at the Espaço de Eventos de João Monlevade, in Minas Gerais.

Zé Neto was diagnosed with sinusitis and underwent surgery to treat the infection on the face at the Hospital de Base de São José do Rio Preto. According to the doctors, the singer will be released on Friday (29/4) to continue his performance schedule.


Soon a new date will be announced for the show that had to be canceled in Minas Gerais. Shows will take place in Hungary, Douglas and Vinicius, which make up the network Thursday, as normal.

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