July 14, 2024

In an open letter, Cristina Kirchner urges the Argentine president to ‘respect his word’ | Globalism

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In an open letter, Cristina Kirchner urges the Argentine president to 'respect his word' |  Globalism
In an open letter, Cristina Kirchner urges the Argentine president to 'respect his word' |  Globalism

a Argentine Vice PresidentAnd Christina Kirchner, published diligently paper open this thursday (16) to explain as bifurcation Such as President Alberto Fernandez.

In the message posted on her website and posted on her social networks, Cristina claimed that she had had 19 business meetings with the president in the Residência de Olivos.

“I indicated in it that I believe that a wrong fiscal adjustment policy is being implemented, which has had a negative impact on economic activity, and therefore on society as a whole. This will undoubtedly have electoral consequences,” he wrote. “I didn’t say it once… I’m tired of saying it… and not just for the president.”

According to her, the answer she received about “allegations and circumstantial insights” was “when this was not the case, she was wrong” and “the victory in the primaries (Sunday) was guaranteed.”

In the letter, in which she referred to the differences, the Vice President warned of press operations that deviated from the “presidential environment” and referred to Juan Pablo BiondiAnd official speaker from the president.

“I will not continue to tolerate press releases in a presidential environment,” he said, referring to the crisis that began on Wednesday (15), with five ministers and other associated senior officials making positions available to Fernandez. “I will see you there (at Olivus) and not at Casa Rosada, to avoid any kind of speculation and institutional media operations,” she said, after confirming that she was not “a liar, let alone a hypocritical liar.”

At the meetings, Christina said she suggested discussing the “delicate social situation” which translates into “wage delays, uncontrolled prices – especially for food and medicine – and labor shortages”. In this sense, he also revealed that he referred to the “lack of effectiveness in various areas of governance”.

“As I write these words, I turn on the TV without sound, but I read a graphic: ‘Alberto is trapped by Cristina.’ No, it’s not me. As much as they try to hide it, (who does it) are the voters and reality,” he continued.

“Do you really think it is not necessary, after this defeat, to honor your word and reorganize your government, Chief?” asked the Vice President.

Cristina Kirchner, Vice President of Argentina – Photo: Associated Press

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