February 28, 2024

In Paris, Lula and Janja’s luxury hotel cost R$728,000 for two days – Diário do Poder

President Lula (PT), whom his followers call the “Father of the Poor”, loves luxury: he has spent an impressive amount of R$ 728,000 from public resources alone on being hosted Thursday (22) and Friday (23) at the InterContinental Paris Le Grand Hotel, according to data being Disclosure, by federal law, on the Transparency Portal. Lula and Janja’s bill includes, in addition to the lavish presidential suite, 17 other rooms, a boardroom, concessions, and even wi-fi requirements and dedicated phones.

Wi-Fi R $31,000

The cost of the Wi-Fi used by the presidential delegation amounted to R$31,000, at the request of the advanced level, the group moving forward to prepare for the visit.

Agency without borders

The majestic Lula Suite at the Intercontinental Le Grand Hotel has an area of ​​140 square meters, two bedrooms, lounges and even a waiting hall for guests.

You paid

It costs 50,000 euros (261,500 R$) only for Lola and Ganga’s presidential suite for overnight stays in Paris, plus 6 rooms for security guards and aspons.


Lola and Ganga’s penchant for luxury hotels has already been noticed on their visits to China, Portugal, Japan, etc. In London, the bill came to R$1.3 million.

The prince who aggravated Lola will invest R$50 billion in Brazil

Prince Mohammed bin Salman, of Saudi Arabia, whom Lula confronted by canceling the dinner in his honor at the last moment, after confirming his presence, is the same one who announced investments worth US$10 billion (about R$50 billion) in Brazil, during the official visit For then-President Jair Bolsonaro, in October 2019. Lula escaped criticism and escaped criticism: it is the prince who, according to royal family tradition, presents jewelry to guests, as he did to Bolsonaro’s husband.

Undo the payment

Canceling dinner on short notice, an insult in the Arab world, has nothing to do with the host’s authoritarianism. Lula appreciates dictators and seduces them.

tyrants mass

Lula is a friend of the dictators of Venezuela and Nicaragua, who called himself the “brother” of the Libyan monster Muammar Gaddafi and Zine Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian tyrant.

combo price

Lula preferred to have Brazil risk losing R$50 billion to help Bolsonaro unravel the story of the jewelry he had received as a gift.

Unabashed strength

stupid question

Journalist Newton Pedrosa, who was press secretary to Adauto Bezerra in Ceara’s government, recalls that after the defeat of Tasso Jreissati, his former boss was appointed supervisor of Sudene by then-president Fernando Collor. Tasso and Ciro Gomez reduced the appointment, saying that the autonomy was empty, and spread rumors about his imminent dismissal. Adauto was staying at Fortaleza, in this climate, when the journalist Bezerrinha asked him: “Is it true that you are going to be expelled from Sudene?” Adauto showed his best version of a great English lord: “It was the stupidest question I’ve ever heard…”

Dino prints

Rep. Paola Belmonte (Cidadania-DF) showed video of the National Force, affiliated with Flavio Dino, leaving the Esplanada during the riots in January. You talk about “vandalism” by the Minister of Justice.


After the January 8th CPI wrap-up, Gonçalves Dias has another headache: he’s in the line of sight of Ricardo Salles (PL-SP). The CPI course at MST wants to know how Lula’s former GSI acted to curb the invasions. MST was monitored by Abin under the umbrella of GSI.

Three trillion pounds

Data from the Impostômetro shows that by the end of June, taxpayers will have spent more than R$1.5 trillion this year alone, a large part of their franchise. It should double by the end of the year.

Shameful return

Senator Ciro Nogueira (PP-PI) took to social media to highlight the PT chief’s embarrassment on the international stage: “Lula is back on the cover of newspapers around the world, embarrassing Brazil,” he said.

out of sight

Rapporteur of the new financial regulation proposed by the Lula government (PT), MP Claudio Cajado (PP-BA) does not believe in voting on the bill before the fourth. This week, a squad of deputies will go to Europe. We.

without comparison

Deforestation in Lula I and II reached 125,600 square kilometers of the Amazon. In Bolsonaro’s four years there were 35,600 square kilometres. By the end of 2023, Brazil will have four times more deforested under PT. In the time proportional comparison, lula forest cleared twice as much, data from INPE show.


Customers at a steakhouse in Porto Alegre recognized Jair Bolsonaro and started a chorus to honor the former president with the song “How Great Is My Love for You”.

American melts

Americana closed Friday (23rd) with the worst performer on the stock exchange, reaching R$1.15, rebounding and ending at R$1.17. On Monday (19), the week opened at R$1.20.

think well…

…by canceling the dinner with the Saudi prince who gives jewelry to his guests, Lola saves Ganga from having her bags searched at customs.