July 22, 2024

Income tax refundable via Pix

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Imposto de Renda Receita Federal
Imposto de Renda Receita Federal

Last Thursday, February 24, 2022, the Federal Revenue Service notified that the taxpayer would be able to receive Income Tax Refunds (IR) via Pix this year.

According to the federal government, transferring via Pix will facilitate the payment of an IR refund, reducing the need for Rescheduling due to invalidity of accounts notified when filling the return or due to change of bank.

However, the credit In this class, it will only execute for a Pix key equal to the CPF of the ad’s owner. Email, phone or spam key will not be accepted.

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“Until last year, it was possible to indicate the bank account, savings account and payment account. This year, there will be a new option, PIX, when signing this option, it will not be necessary to fill in a bank account, the PIX CPF key will be used, and the PIX CPF key will be used The account associated with this PIX CPF key received the refund.”

José Carlos da Fonseca, Tax Auditor and National Supervisor of the IRPF

The IRS also accepts DARF payments via Pix

For those with tax payable, the Documento de Arrecadação de Tributos Federais (DARF) payment can also be made via Pix. There will be a barcode on the document to enable payment through this method.

The Federal Revenue Service expects to receive 34.1 million declarations in 2022, the same amount received in 2021. Delivery of the individual income tax return (base year 2021) will be from 8:00 a.m. March 7 until 11:59 p.m. on April 29. However, it is worth remembering that Those who submit the advertisement in the early days of the deadline are more likely to enter the first batches of refunds. Experts recommend separating documents as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of falling into the fine mesh.

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