July 2, 2022
Intel Core i5-12600K is 32% faster than the Ryzen 5 5600X processor being tested on CPU-Z

Intel Core i5-12600K is 32% faster than the Ryzen 5 5600X processor being tested on CPU-Z

The CPU is even ahead of the i9-11900K and Ryzen 7 5800X

We have already shown Several different criteria From processors coming from twelfth generation of Intel Corporation. After a lot of unofficial information from i9-12900KAnd i7-12700K even i5-12400 . processor, right Now i5-12600K Decided to appear in the tests conducted in CPU-With, leave a lot CPU big comeback.

The result obtained in Standard single core fur CPU He was the mediator of the Alder Lake family from 746.2, surpassed by a great advantage Which CPU AMD Risen 5000 and up to Core i9-11900K. pre-existing Multi-core, i5-12600K processor reached 7,058.1 points. This value puts you Before Risen 7 5800X e i9-11900, 8C/16T CPUs. Additional cores in Core i5 Alder Lake ensure a slight advantage 7%.

performance with Intel’s multi-CPU cores are 32% higher than the score for the Ryzen 5 5600x and 34% higher than the Core i5-11600K. If the test results performed on Alder Lake processors so far are true, The i5-12600K processor is second only to the i7-12700K and i9-12900K in one core. In multiple threads, just add a file Ryzen 9 5900X e Ryzen 5950X.

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between . value $260 and $270 for this CPU, which puts it at a good advantage over Ryzen 7 5800X costs around $400. In this case, the closest AMD processor in price will be Ryzen 5 5600X costs around $300. Even if the Core i5-12600K comes for $300, according to these leaks, it will have much better performance.

The i5-12600K processor will be the version Input CPU-unlocked for overclocking will be 10 cores Consists of 6 Golden Cove (large), 4 Gracemont cores (small), and a total of 16 threads (12 + 4). Big cores will have 4.9 GHz up to a core NS 4.5 GHz on all cores. On the other hand, small cores must operate in 3.6 GHz up to four of them and 3.4 GHz using all. The CPU is expected to have TDP de 125W (PL1) e 228 W (PL2).


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via: WCCFtech