March 23, 2023
INTERPOL issues an international arrest warrant for the arrest of Isabel dos Santos

INTERPOL issues an international arrest warrant for the arrest of Isabel dos Santos

And in the document released on November 3rd, The Angolan authorities requested “the location and arrest of Angolan citizen Isabel dos Santos with a view to her extradition.”

The document confirms this Isabel dos Santos is wanted on suspicion of “crimes of embezzlement, qualified fraud, illegal participation in criminal business and associations, influence peddling, and money laundering,” and faces a maximum sentence of 12 years in prison.

In the request, “guarantees are given that the request for extradition will be sought after the person has been arrested, in accordance with national laws and/or applicable bilateral and multilateral treaties.”

Isabel dos Santos has become a reference shareholder in companies such as EFACEC, BPI, Banco BIC, NOS and Galp.

The document states that it is a preventive arrest warrant. “This request shall be treated as a formal request for provisional arrest, in accordance with applicable national laws and/or bilateral and multilateral treaties.”

The international arrest warrant stated that the businesswoman is usually in Portugal, the United Kingdom or the United Arab Emirates.

According to the document, between 2015 and 2017, the businesswoman created financial mechanisms “with the intent of obtaining illegal financial gains and laundering suspicious criminal operations,” through “information on public money from the Angolan state” that she obtained in her capacity as state manager. Oil Company.

According to the note, Isabel dos Santos will have damaged the Angolan state in total amounts of more than 200 million euros, having committed the crimes of embezzlement, qualified fraud, illegal participation in business and money laundering.

Lusa contacted Interpol, which sent information about the case to the Angolan authorities. Nor did the English and Portuguese authorities confirm or deny the existence of the note.

Lawyers for Isabel dos Santos consulted the Interpol database and did not find an arrest warrant

An official source of Isabel dos Santos explained, in a statement that RTP had access to, that the Angolan businesswoman “was aware, for nearly three years, of the existence of operations whose conditions in Portugal for the facts related to the investigation also have operating conditions in Angola, which are not targeted Not only itself, but also its related companies.

“In these roughly three years of having such operations in place, The defendant was not formed at any time🇧🇷 Stand out, like any of your companies,” the statement affirms.

The source also states that during these approximately three years, Isabel dos Santos was “officially available to make statements whenever she was called upon, which happened, for example, in a process that went through conditions at the Banco de Portugal, where, on two occasions, she provided all the clarifications required.” “.

According to the same source, The business woman is not in an uncertain partContrary to what has been reported.

“The facts regarding the period during which he exercised functions in Sonangol were not confirmed before the court – on the contrary. In addition, no accusation was brought, and therefore, it was not possible, after years, to practice the contradiction regarding these alleged facts, And the processes remain a secret of justice, which makes it more difficult to exercise the rights of the defense and replace the physical truth, “adds the statement.

The document ends by stating this Lawyers for Isabel dos Santos have consulted the INTERPOL database and will verify that there is no indication yet of an injunction.🇧🇷

(with Lusa)