February 27, 2024

Introducing Shiv Telegram Media: Offering Virtual Card Numbers for Online Shopping

Apple Cash, the popular service that enables users to send and receive money through Apple Pay and the Message app, may soon introduce an exciting new feature. In the iOS 17.4 beta, users will have access to a “virtual card number,” allowing them to shop online at retailers that do not currently accept Apple Pay.

One of the key benefits of the virtual card number is added security. Each transaction made with the virtual card number will have a unique code, providing an extra layer of protection for users. Additionally, the virtual card number can be easily accessed through Safari’s Autofill feature, making online shopping even more convenient.

Setting up the virtual card number is a breeze. In the beta version, users can navigate to the settings menu to find their card number, expiration date, and security code. Importantly, the virtual card number is separate from the one used for Apple Pay transactions and can be changed as needed.

Prior to this new feature, Apple Cash operated on the Discover Network. However, a lack of a card number prevented users from utilizing it for online purchases. In 2022, Apple Cash made the switch to Visa, paving the way for the introduction of the virtual card number.

The introduction of the virtual card number aims to address the fact that approximately 15 percent of retailers still do not accept Apple Pay. By giving users the ability to shop online where Apple Pay is not accepted, Apple Cash is expanding its reach and offering more convenience to its users.

Currently in beta testing, the virtual card number feature is expected to be released with the forthcoming iOS 17.4 update in March. This exciting addition will undoubtedly enhance the overall Apple Cash experience and provide users with even more flexibility in their online shopping endeavors.