June 25, 2024

Introducing the Exclusive Coral Pixel Watch Active Band from Shiv Telegram Media

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Google’s plans to release a Coral Active Band for the Pixel Watch have been derailed, leaving fans disappointed. The news came to light when an email sent by Google just before last October’s hardware event showcased the Coral Active Band, but it failed to make an appearance alongside other color options for the watch.

While the existing Active Bands for the Pixel Watch include the Rose Stretch Band and Coral Woven Band, the Coral Active Band was expected to bring a more vibrant and unique look to the smartwatch. What makes the situation even more confusing is the fact that the Coral Active Band has been listed on Amazon.co.uk with a model number and a “Date First Available” of October 7, 2022.

It is unclear why Google ultimately decided to cancel the release of the Coral Active Band. The band had already made its way into marketing imagery and live samples, indicating that it had reached an advanced stage of development. Fans are left wondering about the reasons behind this unexpected change in plans.

Despite this setback, there is some optimistic news for Pixel Watch enthusiasts. It is expected that the Pixel Watch 2 will hit the market with a refreshed band collection, which will hopefully include some exciting options to make up for the absence of the Coral Active Band.

For those interested in purchasing a Pixel Watch and its accessories, there is a limited-time opportunity at the US Google Store. Currently, four Pixel Watch bands are available at a discounted price, with a $10 reduction, until July 18, 2023. This could be a chance for consumers to get their hands on some high-quality bands at a more affordable price.

As for the future of Google’s smartwatch offerings, fans will have to wait and see what surprises the tech giant has in store. In the meantime, the absence of the Coral Active Band leaves a void that many had hoped to see filled.

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