June 18, 2024

iPhone 13 without buttons? Apple’s patent indicates a cell phone with invisible and sliding side sensors

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iPhone 13 without buttons?  Apple's patent indicates a cell phone with invisible and sliding side sensors

This week we already saw a patent indicating New sensors for the upcoming iPhone And now another patent has been filed by Apple. This time he is referring to a device with invisible and sliding buttons on the sides, which makes the design of the phone much simpler.

The patent called “Disappearing Button or Slider” was filed for registration by Apple on April 15, 2021, but was only published this weekend by the US Patent and Trademark Office under registration number 20210109567.

The description reads as follows:

Bootable input device for command discovery. The capacitive input device depends on the deflection. The deflection of the input device’s chassis causes a capacitive change that is used to control the function of the electronic device. The input device appears invisible because it is made of the same material as the housing it contains. Invisible back holes can selectively make the entry visible or invisible to the user.

Thus, we understand that the iPhone 13 can adopt capacitive buttons on its part, which respond to touch with personal vibrations, in addition to being illuminated when necessary, indicating their location and function to the user.

While the patent offers an interesting idea, it doesn’t guarantee that Apple will actually implement it on the iPhone 13, so we could still see a visual revolution of its kind only on the iPhone in 2022.

Will you be using an iPhone with capacitive buttons on the side?

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