February 26, 2024

iPhone 14 Plus: More battery, performance and camera in a familiar face | Analytics

Anyway, the iPhone 14 Plus It goes through TudoCelular to analyze what the newcomer that replaced the iPhone mini has to offer. Is it just an extended version of iPhone 14 Or does it bring some notable developments that justify the price difference? Let’s check.

Plus’ design is identical to the iPhone 14, including the large notch at the top. It’s a size iPhone 14 Pro Max, but it is lighter because it has a less powerful shooting range. There is an IP68 certification for good water resistance and the same build quality as the rest of the line.

Despite its screen being the size of the most expensive model in the line, here we only have a 60Hz panel as in this year’s cheapest iPhone. At least the audio part is not capped and delivers high power without distortion and with a great balance of bass, mids and highs.

The hardware is the same as the iPhone 14 and we have the A15 Bionic chipset with 6GB of RAM. Interestingly, it was faster in our speed test even putting it up iPhone 14 Pro which features the latest Apple hardware. It also stands out in terms of battery life by offering the best autonomy of the four models.

The two rear cameras take good pictures and offer similar quality to the smaller model. What was missing was a better night mode optimization and we got darker images with more noticeable noise. The interface takes selfies similar to the others, but it suffers more in dark places. The camcorder has all the features of the line, it just lacks a little focus speed.

Is it worth buying the iPhone 14 Plus? Only if you insist on a bigger screen. It’s a bit faster and has better battery life, but it lacks a camera improvement and may not make up for the price difference. To know all the details, just check out our full review via the link below.

iPhone 14 Plus hit the national market two weeks after the launch of the others with an initial price 8.6 thousand Brazilian riyals for the 128 GB version, 9.6 thousand Brazilian riyals for the 256 GB version and 11.6 Brazilian reals A for the most complete model with 512 GB of internal memory. Below you will find his best deals: