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iPhone 14 Pro has design changes in new renders based on rumors

iPhone 14 Pro has design changes in new renders based on rumors

Update (25/05/2022) – RB

After the unprecedented color choicethe new concepts showed design changes based on rumors about iPhone 14 Pro. The statements were released this Wednesday (25), by leaker John Prosser.

The images were made by graphic designer Ian Zelbo, highlighting certain changes in appearance. Among them is a range of True Depth cameras in the form of a central and rotating disk. This would do without a slit and make the edges thinner.

Another potential change is the larger screen size, which will also increase the height of the smartphone, reaching 6.1 inches – while the iPhone 13 Pro Max variant will be 6.7 inches.

At the back, the camera array will be larger in the Pro version, with the arrival of a 48-megapixel main sensor system – 57% larger than its predecessor – and support for 8K video recording.

new changes

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May 23

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May 17

To complete, the corners have acquired larger radii, giving a more rounded appearance – perhaps specifically to adapt to the block of the camera. It is worth emphasizing that the renderings do not necessarily reflect the actual design of the device, but rather a concept with the ideas that were released in the recent rumors.

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The iPhone 14 Pro And 14 Pro Max will be next cell phone Pioneer from Apple. Must models in the end Turn off the slit screen and the adoption of a new visual language. As usual, the public is also fantasizing about new color options for the models, and one user posted this Monday (16) Conceptual renderings with unprecedented purple.

The highly realistic images were produced by the designer Suta Include visual elements based on Rumors About the new generation of Apple at the highest level. The “Pro” models of the new generation were imagined with the screen cut-out in the form of an exclamation mark (!) and the cameras far apart. research:

Concept renderings of the iPhone 14 Pro (Photos: @atuos_user/Instagram)

Apple maintains the tradition of launching “Pro” iPhone models in four colors: graphite, silver, and gold and an unprecedented, generation-exclusive color – iPhone 11 Pro bring “Midnight Green”; The iPhone 12 Pro bring “Pacific Blue”; it’s the iPhone 13 Pro Brings in ‘Azul Sierra’, as well as the unexpected ‘Verde Alpino’.

At the moment, it is too early to say what the new color of the iPhone 14 Pro will be. Previously presented concepts depict the top of the line in “wine” In clear reference to the new color of Galaxy S22 Ultrawhich is highly unlikely.

iPhone 14 Pro Max concept rendering (Photo: @atuos_user/Instagram)


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May 16

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May 16

Still in terms of design, future large-tech mobile phones should adopt screens with thinner bezels, expand their display area, and Slightly more curved edges To match the camera unit format.

New smartphones should be officially presented in September 2022. Other specifications of the line may include platforms A15 Bionic to iPhone 14 And iPhone 14 Max; A16 Bionic for “Pro” models; OLED screens; and improved batteries. The next generation should mark First proposed price increase since 2018.

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