July 14, 2024

iPhone 14 with 8 GB of RAM

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iPhone 14 with 8 GB of RAM
iPhone 14 with 8 GB of RAM

the future Iphone 14 can finally surrender and copy a common configuration to androidswhich appeared recently in Galaxy S22: That it contains 8 GB of memory, and a larger size of RAM in a file cell phone Give an Apple Even today.

Although the American company has not yet confirmed, the information is being transmitted by several technology websites after it was leaked on a South Korean social network.

The RAM It is important for the speed of operation of any computer. RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It is a temporary storage system that stores the data that is currently being processed by the phone and does not need to stay there for a long time.

It is the RAM that ensures that a Implementation The ones you closed hours or days ago will still be on the same screen if you open it again today, for example. The more this type of memory, the more tasks the phone can perform at the same time.

You IphoneAlthough they tend to be faster than Android phones in performance tests, they usually don’t exceed 6GB of RAM, while some competitors Already reached 18 GB. Apple’s secret is the operating system iOSwhich requires less memory.

In any case, Apple consumers may be excited about the possibility of increasing the RAM in the upcoming iPhone. Market analysts had already raised the 8 GB iPhone 14 rumor before, but it gained traction with the participation of a user of the social network Naver, who considered it reliable through other information he had already predicted and later confirmed.

With 8GB of RAM, the iPhone 14 will match the capacity of the entry-level model of the competing new line of phones SamsungGalaxy S22.

Why iPhones Don’t Have Much Memory

Since the popularization of smartphones, Apple has not made much effort to expand the RAM capacity of the iPhone. But, unlike with Android phones, Apple owns both the device and the iOS operating system—that is, it has complete control over both the iPhone hardware and software.

This is a boon for Apple, as it can satisfactorily calibrate the amount of hardware power it will need for iOS. In competing Android phones, the operating system is powered by googleThe hardware comes from other vendors such as Qualcomm, which makes the processors the most popular on the market.

mysterious apple

Although the iPhone 14 has 8 GB of RAM, it is likely that the company will not reveal this to the public. This is because, in launching its mobile phones, Apple usually does not detail issues such as RAM and battery capacity.

This does not mean, of course, that we have no way of knowing. But we have to wait for someone to disassemble the cell phone and investigate its secrets so that we can confirm the information.

In short, it is necessary to wait until the iPhone 14 is released to see if there is really this RAM boost.

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